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More about Frogs

Frogs are amphibians that reside both in land and water. They have got web like feet that enable them to swim comfortably. Due to the fact that the frogs prefer to live in the water, they have got wet and moist skin. There are numerous species of frogs and that justifies the fact that you will find the frogs available in a myriad of colors. Some of the colors include brown, green, yellow and bright orange among a myriad of many others.

The frogs display a lot of similarities to the toads but in reality there are different. For instance, the frogs prefer living in water while the toad would rather cohabit on land which makes them have very dry and flaky skin. The body shape of the two also differ with the frog being shorter and fatter as compared to the toad that has got a rather long and elongated body. The frogs lay and breed their eggs in water that in not inhabited. The toad on the other hand lays its eggs even in waters that are already inhabited which are one of the major differences between the two of them.

Since time immemorial the frogs have been embraced by many different cultures such as the ancient Americans who viewed the frogs as the great rain maker. Other cultures have also got different meanings for the frogs. However the frog has always been viewed of good things such as fertility, life and healing in most of the cultures.

Frog tattoos have become the in thing with most of the young people embracing these designs. The designs are very diverse and the tattoos are available in many colors. One make a selection from the very wide variety that is available in the market.