The Lily Pad

Frogs mate with their females

Frogs mate with their females usually in water but some species like bufos mate on land or sometimes in trees too. Male frog climbs on the back of the female frog and hold her waist from behind the front limbs or from the head this is called amplexus. This amplexus can last for weeks.

Later female lays eggs now the behavior the frogs exhibit in this situation varies widely some leaves the mother and eggs some stay behind to see the young ones still some stay and actually look after the young ones. Frogs usually lay many eggs some eggs die, these died eggs become opaque or white. The yolk in living someone starts to divide and in a time of 6-21 days the young ones hatch out of the eggs.

When the tadpole comes out egg it id usually too fragile to swim so sticks itself to some grass or weed inside the water for another 7-10 days and in the time being it feeds on the yolk already present in its gut. Gills mouth is not developed until this time. A tadpole of 4 weeks develops teeth gills and gut.

A 6-9 weeks frog grows a long tail and tiny legs and starts feeding on larger items like dead insects and plants etc. 12 weeks after hatching the frog frogs into frog lets or what we call a young frog and soon after that it returns to lay more eggs. The complete life cycle of a frog takes 13-16 weeks to complete however for frogs that live in areas of high altitude the process might take the whole winter to complete. The average life span of frog is about 4-15 years the numbers may not be very accurate because it is very difficult too track a frog all its life however these numbers are obtained from frogs that were in captivity.