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Frogs are amphibians

Frogs are amphibians that is they like both in water and on land and are among the largest occurring reptiles and can easily be found anywhere except the natures freezer Antarctica. Children often enjoy their company a lot and often catch them however, frogs don’t have potential threat from the children playing the garden only they have other enemies too so they have come up with large variety of protections.

Splitting itself into half to confuse and fool the predator is one of such techniques that they have developed as protection against the enemies. Toads have poison glands behind their ears that spurt poison at the predator. However the technique seldom works. Camouflage is another method that is used as tools against the enemies frogs can deceive there marauders by hiding themselves I a such a way that they can not be easily seen.

Warning the enemy that eating me could be deadly mistake to make is another way how frogs save themselves from wild birds and other predators, poisonous frogs can change there colors and can appear in very bright colors giving a warning signal to its enemies. Chilean four eyed frog is heading the list of frogs that fool there killer they have fake eyes on their rear end this glands contain poison and have spots on them so appear like eyes whenever it feels threat it exposes its fake eyes haunting the predator.

No matter how wisely they act they cannot save themselves from the menace that human is creating yes pollution these frogs have failed to develop ways to protect themselves. Frogs are use a factor for measuring the health of the environment and the studies of past few years have shown a declining trend in the population of frogs and many species are endangered and some are on the verge of extinction.