The Lily Pad

The different kinds of frogs

Folding in the high marsh between dark mats of heather, a shock is clear green moss skirts a disc watery pools. In one of the water rises and begins to boil, as the lining, emerald meadow twist slide the coil in the study. Flickering its branched tongue, Snake parts the vegetation with its chunk of the open form as a smart unblinking eyes strain to identify the slightest change. Finding no draw of quarry, in turn, refuses to study, and with the current facilitate reeled back across the water, disappearing into a pencil reeds.

Meetings like these, with Britain the main and most abundant snakes surprisingly familiar. Widespread in England and Wales, and pink in Scotland and Ireland there is no prairie meander prefers damp lowland and may regularly review sunbathe on the edge of the course or swimming sinuously across a shallow pond.

Snakes will prey on lizards, chicks, mice and voles, but newts, tadpoles and frogs from the immensity of their diet. Prairie meandered tracks its victim on the trail, because although it is not blinking, flat look, his eyes are not developed, and only a lot of use for the detection of the fraction. Nevertheless, with each click of his tongue bending direction is the taste of air traces of their next meal.

The lack of irritability of the adder or compresses the coil fluffy bend, meander plains depends on guile and lighting speedy register to knock its victim, but a frog or a newt in his hands, it shifts the curve of the lower jaw and then leisurely inches first more and then jaw their prey before it is swallowed full, regularly appears in the visible excitement in the corners and muscular elastic tubes, as a body.

Wherever promise bend catches its prey the way first. This minimizes the risk to the biter being bitten and makes extraction easier to swallow.