The Lily Pad

Some amazing facts about frogs

  • The smallest frog of the world is the gold frog which measures about 9.8 mm.
  • The biggest frog is Goliath frog it is 30 cm long and weighs 3.3 kilos.
  • Frogs can change there colors according to there surrounding
  • Some frogs are poisonous
  • Frogs can jump 20 times its own body length in a single jump
  • When frog swallows food its eye go inside its head to provide pressure to swallow the insect.

Beside these several myths are attached to frogs from ancient times and a lot of ancient culture associate fortune and weather with frogs. Sometimes these myths do make sense but at the end of the day they are just myths and have nothing to do with reality. Listed below are some of the myths that are attached to these creatures.

  • Some Australians and Native Americans believe that frog bring rain. It is a common experience that Frogs do make a lot noise before rain storms.  
  • The word frog in Sanskrit means clouds so Hindus believe that frogs personify thunders in the sky.
  • Chinese believe that toad is on the moon and when it tries to swallow the entire moon eclipse happen. They also consider it as one of the five poisons of yin.


Some attach frogs with weather other associate it with good and bad luck

  • Japanese consider it as a symbol of good fortune.
  • Some folklorists claim that if the first frog you see in the spring is sitting on a dry surface you will shed a lot of tears during the whole year if it is in the water you will experience misfortune. If the frog comes hopping towards you, you will have many friends and if it hops away you will loose many.
  • Some associate them with incarnation of demons and devils.