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African clawed frogs as pets

Over the past few years there has been increasing popularity in the maintenance of the frogs as pets. African Clawed Frog is no exception. Although slightly smaller than the non-aqueous interactive frogs, they are happy, if you really want a frog for a pet. In contrast, wood frogs or toads, African clawed frogs are aquatic. This means that being in water all the time, and came to have surfaced to breathe.

It is widely used for scientific experiments, Xenopus eat bread in the country for many years. They were used for human pregnancy tests before more modern methods came into play. Female Xenopus exposed to urine of a woman, and if the frogs laid eggs a woman was pregnant.

Today you can find African clawed frogs in many domestic animals and discount stores, including Wal-Mart. They are usually small, when bought, but can grow to five inches in length. Some women have reported to grow to eight inches.

These frogs have a healthy appetite and will eat almost anything in the tank. If they can get it in their mouths, they are there, including fish or other animals. They even eat live aquarium plants. You can buy specially designed frog food in many pet stores or online. If you do not have access to the frog food, they will have a floating goldfish pellets, shrimp or pellets. Random fun ghost shrimp or small fish is good, but should not be considered essential. They also eat a juicy cut chervi.Bolshoy night crawler into several parts are always welcome.

Since these frogs grow rapidly, an aquarium of at least ten liters is required. You can choose from large stones instead of gravel for your aquarium. There is a likelihood that the gravel can be ingested and cause a collision problem.