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Frogs Tattoos and the history behind them

The frog tattoos have been utilized in many designs though many are still to embrace the idea. There are certain elements of the frog that may come as a surprise to many people. The society today has changed its attitude towards the frog designs and thus one can understand why the frog tattoos are not that odd in this day and age.

The frogs belong to the class of the amphibians that are able to live both in water and under water. Frogs differ with well over five thousand species of the same and there are available in many different colors such as brown, green, red, bright orange, yellow and even spotted kinds.

Many cultures have embraced frogs and believe that they are a symbol of good luck. The coastal tribes in North America look at the frogs as being a sign of prosperity and wealth. The original American people consider the frogs to be great rain makers while the Chinese view the frog as a sign of healing and wealthy.

The Japanese believe that the frog symbolizes tolerance and energy and the old Egyptians look at the frog as a symbol of life, fertility and journey mercies. The Borneo considers frogs as the creator of all men while the Haida look at the frogs as a symbol of harmony. The frogs have been symbolized as sign of good luck among most of the western cultures.

The frogs have also been popularly utilized in the movies such as the Bufo and Bunda, Baron Dante, the Punk frogs among a myriad of very many others. It is evident that the frogs have been embraced all over the world with most people considering them to be rather cute and funny.

In case you want to own a frog tattoo there are numerous designs available in the market today. They come in diverse colors since most of the frogs have got different shades.