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Frogs and Toads: The difference

Many people have not been able to differentiate between the frogs and toads. The reality is that the difference is not the same. This is due to the fact that the two are amphibians which imply that they can both cohabit in water and on land. The frogs and toads have got short body sizes without tails on them and hence are referred to with the Greek name of anura.

The frogs and toads also develop in a similar manner with the two hatching from eggs and cohabiting comfortably under water. The two have both vocal cords and have the ability of producing sounds while under water. The two also lay eggs and breed them under water.

They also develop in the same way, from being mostly born as eggs, living under water. The above mentioned similarities end there and one must acknowledge the fact that they are notable differences between the two.

For starters it is worth noting that the two have got different skin types. For the frogs there skin is smooth, velvety and wet due to the fact that they usually cohabit under water. On the other hand the toad is found especially on land and thus has got dry and very warty skin.

Further to this the frogs tend to lay the eggs in the bodies of the water where there are no fish. The eggs are round in shape. The eggs of the toads have a very nasty taste and are even found in waters that have already been inhabited. The eggs are not round but rather have got a long shape that is chain like.

When it comes to the shapes of the bodies the frogs are slimmer and have longer bodies and the feet are webbed like and thus swimming is enhanced. On the contrary the toads possess short and round body shapes and the legs are much shorter and muscular and thus make walking very easy.