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Hoplobatrachus tigerinus

Hoplobatrachus tigerinus, not many of us have ever heard of this word before but if I say frogs I am sure most of us have, hoplobatrachus is biological name of bullfrog found in our region. Frogs are amphibians most commonly found in almost every region of the world. Frogs are different from other members of this phylum in a way that they lack scales and go back to water for breeding.

This invertebrate with two bulging eyes, strong webbed feet, smooth and slimy skin generally feeds on insects it catches its prey using its long sticky tongue. Its tongue is long and rolled whenever it sees its prey. A strange fact about frogs is when they swallow the catch there eyes go down into the head to provide pressure to push the insect down. However not all species of frogs have long tongues toads have very small tongues and 6-14 species in Africa are tongue less.

Do frogs have teeth? The answer is yes they do frogs have vomerine teeth that help only to stop the prey from escaping they don’t have anything like actual teeth. Frogs can talk to each other from miles without cell phones yes this is true, the ears of frogs depend upon the frequency of the male frog some frogs have so big ear and are so noisy that they can be heard from a long distance. Another strange thing about this simple looking creature is that there tympanum is attached to there lungs so whenever there ear drum vibrates there lungs start to vibrate to which keeps their ear drums from blowing.

Almost everyone has played with this amphibian in his childhood this creature looks simple and innocent however can be dangerous at times some species of frogs have poison but you need not to worry they never attack humans but still be watchful next time you are about to catch one.