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West Highland white terrier photos

Everyone loves dog whether it would be of any breed, some keep them for safety, security or guarding; while others keeps them as a partner or companion specially those people who are a loner or they might keep them because they love to have such a companion around.

However when anyone plans to buy a dog, it is very important for him to know with what kind of breed he wants to go with, as different dog breeds have different personality traits therefore there up keep sometimes also becomes very difficult if they are not suitable for you. For example if you live in any apartment complex or loft apartments, it is very impossible for you to keep a husky or Labrador, as they are considered as the “big dogs” and are not suitable for the people who are living in apartment complexes or loft apartments.

So if you live in an apartment complex then you should definitely go with buying small dogs, who can easily adjust in small area of house and are easy to deal with, these dogs include Dachshund (miniature), Chihuahua which are 5 to 6 inches and 6 to 9 inches respectively. However these dogs are considered as lap dogs and are not able to fight back against any burglary in your apartment however if you want safety and security in your apartment then you should definitely go with West Highland white terrier. These are normally 9 to 11 inches in height and are aggressive as well as loveable dogs. Therefore if you decide to buy a white terrier therefore it’s a good idea to see West Highland white terrier photos, as you will have the idea that which one you should go with, as some of these dogs has dual or single coat. It is always recommended to see West Highland white terrier photos because just to get an idea of his current condition so that you would know that do you need to work hard on his maintenance or not. Before buying a white terrier always make sure to see his updated photos or see him in person before buying.