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The Scorpio and Taurus dogs

The Scorpio Dog

The Scorpio dog is a terrible canine to live up to and considers itself to be the perfect canine on the planet. Self mastery is the sole purpose of the life of a Scorpio dog. This dog remembers the treatment you give him and responds in the similar manner. It can be very good to you if you are good to him and can be worst if you dare to annoy him. The Scorpio dog is powerful and has got a smart personality. Both the genders of the Scorpio dog possess a keen curiosity for mating and thus sever as best breeding dogs.

The smelling tendencies of the Scorpio dog are well governed by the sun sign of Scorpio. These dogs are the best trackers on this planet and are most commonly used by the tracing people. So, in a nut shell, the Scorpio dog is a healthy example with wonderful powers of physical stamina. It is because of this, the Scorpio dog does not spend much of its time at the veterinary clinic and helps in saving a lot of your money. These breeds of dog are well compatible with the Scorpion masters and give loyalty to its master.

The Taurus dog

The Taurus dog is a silent, determined and strong dog with a plodding nature. This dog likes to be with its master all the time, so if you are out with your family then you should leave something with the dog with your scent so that it can guard and protect the house well and easily. This pet canine loves to rest and thus is always led not driven. It is very fond of going out and enjoy with its master.

The Taurus dog love to eat food and is strong at the younger age as it is prone to become fat as it ages. So the owners of a Taurus dog put their pet on diet in order to avoid its obesity. This dog can sit at one place for long without moving or waging its tail. The Taurus dog is a gentle and tolerant pet and is adorable to child. These breeds of dog are compatible with the owners of different sun signs but the most compatible ones are the Sagittarius. With a Sagittarius master, this dog becomes more adjusting and happy and thus proves to be the best canine companion and pet to be kept at home.