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Puppy Horoscope - Aquarius Dog

Puppy Horoscope

Everyone loves dogs "The me's best friend". They are the most faithful pets ever. Dogs play with us, give us a good company, and help us in various works, even protect us from robbers. After dogs come the puppies. Puppies are one of the most adorable things ever. They are very cute and many people tend to adopt them very often. Then again some puppies are very playful and some are pretty much dull. So the question comes, which one to chose?

The answer to that is in the puppy horoscope. As we all know that all dogs and humans share the same zodiac signs but still it doesn’t make men and dogs the same but still people and animal sometimes have a common nature, may be because of their zodiac signs. If the pet and master have same nature there is a greater understanding between them and eventually both of them get tied up in a very strong bond of love, friendship and trust. If we don’t know about the nature of the dogs it is better to read puppy horoscope so that we can know the nature of the puppy we have and then handle it according to its nature.

Aquarius Dog Horoscope

Aquarius dogs have curious, social, thoughtful and friendly. With all these qualities they may well be stubborn, erratic and independent on the downside. Their basic character is freedom. They love living their life with other humans and dogs in groups. They are considered suitable for performing in circus or any other entertainment field due to their quirky personality. Aquarius dogs are not an easy task to coup with not because they are dumb rather, they are way ahead of their companions, and they truly belong to the Aquarian age.

Aquarius dogs are experimenting and exploring. They try to explore every thing around them. They love to get surprises and they enjoy great food, as they are finicky eaters. Aquarius dogs usually have more than average height although they are generally it differed from diferent dog breeds. They are generally healthy and well-built but, their horoscope makes them having weak ankles.

Aquarius dogs have great sense of humor, which may make them look unfriendly at first sight, but with the time you will realize their typical friendly, calm and cool nature which is typical of Aquarian personality. They are generally quite emphatic dogs and can easily pick your mood. This makes you feel really good having them around you will find them protective and friendly.