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Dog birthday horoscope and Capricorn dogs

Dog birthday horoscope

Just like humans, other animals as well dogs have their birthday horoscope. Just like a person’s personality is reflected from his zodiac sign so as the personality and traits of dogs, however they are way much different than as of humans. To know your dog birthday horoscope, it is really important for you to know the exact date of birth of your dog, however knowing the time of birth is really not necessary.

When one plans to buy a dog, it is very important for him to know the dog birthday horoscope, so he has an idea that what kind of personality does that dog really posses. If you buy a puppy or a dog from any good pet store they will tell you general things about dogs along with horoscope, as they have all their data feed into their computer with respect to the animals they are selling. However knowing about the horoscope is only important for cats as well as dogs as these two pets are most responsive and the one you spend your most of the time with.

Different dog breeds have different personality traits, for example a Sagittarius dog will always protect you, but they are a little selfish when it comes to their food, however scorpion dogs are quite possessive when it comes to their master, they do not like to share things, even their master’s love with other animals. However you may find different dogs with different personally traits with respect to their birth, therefore its always a good idea to know about the horoscope of your dog / puppy before selecting any of it.

Capricorn dog


Doggie War bucks:

Capricorn dogs are hungry for status and success. They do not want anything less than gols. They want to live a golden life just like corporate execs. A Capricorn dog wants comfort and high standard of living. They work very hard in achieving them status and luxurious lifestyle. They take their prestige very seriously so you dare don’t treat them badly, these well disciplined dogs can even teach human’s manners. They are not humorous, they often don’t laugh their trade mark is the stoic look which reflects their dignity. Many people take their stoic look as a mood disorder and try to cheer them up, well there is no need to waste your time on it coz you can never cheer them up by buying expensive gift or doggie food for them.

Crack that whip:

Capricorn dogs have extremely high standards. You should figure it out soon else you will fail to meets their requirement. They mean exactly what they are showing to you they can judge you quite ruthlessly and you should get yourself use to it. They are your taskmaster who would not let you leave for golfing leaving your work. They are always monitoring you, every bit of your movement is monitored by them. Capricorn dogs are of the highest moral dogs you can have and same is what they expect from you.