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Short haired Irish terrier

The short haired Irish terrier had been established in his native country and elsewhere long before he entered the show ring in 1820. He is one of the oldest terrier breeds. In outline the conformation he is different from any other dog in the terrier group. He has a longer body than the fox terrier and more decided racing lines.

He is a born gentleman, a loyal protector of those he loves, a true sportsman. He will catch and kill woodchucks and as for rats, just give him a chance. In World War II Irish terriers more than did their bit working as sentries and messenger dogs, carrying dispatches from post to post with an utter disregard of danger. The dog has proved to be very loyal and devoted to the people that are around or those who take care. They are real good with the children as they behave very gently with them it looks like as if they are taking care of them.

He was a championship stock, a great clown and always good for a laugh. They gave so many ideas for drawings. He was also a great pall. At home he usually puts his head on the knees of the owner. He has straight legs, rich in color and has dark eyes. They are also very obedient and always do as they are directed to do; they also have the exceptional ability of getting trained easily.

As far as the short haired Irish terrier health is concerned it does not have a lot of problems, the thing that has to be cared is that the dog has been give all the vaccinations, heart preventive measure have been taken and very important that all these things are being performed on the regular basis so that the health of the Irish terrier does not get into any sort of trouble.