The Lily Pad

Pet supplies and products. Part 2

Let’s move on to man's best friend.

One interesting product out there is the dog waterer. How it works is you simply attach it to your water faucet. Your dog simply licks or nudges the lever control, and refreshing water flows directly into their mouth.

One item available is a bark control training collar. Bark control collars are humane, inexpensive and effective solution to barking. This will also keep your neighbors friendly.

For families who live in areas where a traditional fence is not an option, the radio fence is a good product to keep your dogs from wandering away.

A radio signal is sent by the transmitter to a receiver located on your dog's collar. The signal is transmitted through a wire which is placed along the boundaries you want to establish. The wire is really an antenna that carries a signal. The receiver, that’s attached to your dog's collar, provides a warning beep when he approaches the wire. If he starts to cross the wire, he will receive a mild correction. Although harmless, this will discourage him from continuing further. With this system in place, your dog will be free from fences, cages and chains.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a door your pet could open? There is a fast and simple solution to this. If you have a sliding patio door, there is a simple insert you can buy with a pet door installed in it. Look how easy this is to install. Slide in the pet door panel, close your slider and your ready to go.

Another option is an insertable cat or dog flap. This will require more work, but is still very simple. This is a flap that you insert on any existing door with a small amount of carpentry.