The Lily Pad

Pet supplies and products. Part 1

There are thousands of dog and cat accessories and supplies out there on the market. Some products specifically aim towards the comfort of the owner.

One of the simplest cat accessories is the scratching post. a cat's claws are constantly growing, encasing each nail in an uncomfortable scale, that can only be removed by scratching. These posts come in many different designs and styles. Buying a scratching post could save you hundreds of dollars in furniture damage.

A helpful option for your indoor pets is a automatic watering bowl. These are very cost efficient and can hold more water than an ordinary bowl. Theses also come in a model that will distribute dry food.

For those of you who enjoy CSI detective work, this next product is for you. There is a kit, that comes with a ultraviolet flashlight that quickly and easily helps locate invisible sources of pet odor such as urine, feces & vomit. This kit also has a product to eliminate the odor once you locate the source.

There are hundreds of stain and odor removal chemicals out there. these can eliminate the cost to call in a professional cleaner.