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Pictures of West Highland white terrier

All the pets are the beloved member of the family and when we are talking about dogs so, they are one of the members of the family such as West Highland white terrier. As u like to take a picture of your family members, yours relatives, your friends and your love ones so, you also like to take the snap of your Westie. The face of this particular breed is flat and the head is quit longer as compared to that of the other dogs. The flatness of the face from the sides of the ears are usually removed when these dogs are presented in the dog shows, special kind of glue is used to make the ear stick to the head this helps in giving a proper shape to the face of the dog.

If you want to take a good snap of your Westie then you need to know the following points.

Camera Angle:

Do not take a snap of your Westie in a standing position, with the dog on the ground, this is the major mistake that amateurs did. You might lay down your Westie and take a picture of him.  While take a snap of your Westie while he is showing his teeth. Basically, your main aim is to capture the main perspectives of your Westie.


Another major mistake that amateurs did is the lighting mistake. There are two major lighting issues when taking up a picture of your Westie. First one is camera flash because as the Westie’s eye is so bright so, his eyes produces an unclear or red eye effect. The solution of this issue is just removing the flash from the camera and then takes a picture.

The second one is the color of the Westie as it is so bright white color so, the solid white color reflects back the light of the camera and the picture is overexposed.