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dalmatianDalmatians derive their name from their region of origin, Dalmatia, in Croatia. History says that they were war dogs, protecting the region’s borders. They still continue to be good guarding dogs, protecting members of their human family. They are noted for their characteristic black or brown spotted coat.

Known as the ‘Firehouse dog’as they were used to run into burning buildings and find victims. They love to play. They enjoy walking, fetching and running. Dalmatian is one of the best breeds to accompany you to outdoor activities.

Adult Dalmatians are generally 19 to 24 inches tall and weigh about 45-65 lbs. Males are larger than females. When full grown, their weight can be up to 70 lbs and they can stand up to 27 inches. They are considered to be medium sized dogs and reasonably strong animals.

The unique spots on their coat make them easily recognizable. Spots begin to appear as they reach adulthood. The puppies are brown without spots. These dogs have bright brown, blue or amber coloured eyes. Training an adult Dalmatian requires patience and consistency. Positive reinforcement should be used to teach them commands. They tend to get angry when punished or verbally abused. Dalmatians may have some health issues like predisposition to deafness and bladder stones. The Dalmatians are fun-loving, energetic dogs that thrive best in a family environment.