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Facts about frogs

Tree frog as its name states spend most of their time in trees, and only comes to earth to breed and spawn. The term arboreal means tree dwelling. How many species of frogs have little protection from predators, tree frogs have adapted green coloration on their back.

The different kinds of frogs

Folding in the high marsh between dark mats of heather, a shock is clear green moss skirts a disc watery pools. In one of the water rises and begins to boil, as the lining, emerald meadow twist slide the coil in the study.

African clawed frogs as pets

ver the past few years there has been increasing popularity in the maintenance of the frogs as pets. African Clawed Frog is no exception. Although slightly smaller than the non-aqueous interactive frogs, they are happy, if you really want a frog for a pet.

How to look after tree frogs as pets

In the green world, tree frogs are the most diverse, with differences in appearance, habitats and specificity. They live either on soil or in water, while most of them are green, there are many subspecies, which have duller colors.

Care tips for your red eye frog

Like all other creatures, red eye frog are fascinating too, and they can be your perfect pet, if you take care of them properly. Although there are no rules for the proper care, but there are some processes that you can make in your home to care for red-eyed tree frog

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Leopard Frogs and Hibernation

Submitted by cat 19 dog on Wed, 2007-04-18 12:12.

My leopard frog in pond with gold fish isnt out of hibernation, we are zone 5 chicago area-does the water temperature have to be at a certain point. The frog is about five years old and very good size. Thank you for any help.

Overwintering Indoors

Submitted by jtl60047 on Wed, 2006-11-08 16:42. Ask Frog

Hi Frog -We had a HUGE Bullfrog become rather tame and have decided to overwinter him in the house.We have created a terrarium for him that includes a pool like area with 5" of water to swim in and get wet - and a nice moss (live moss) area for him to sit/perch in/on.The terrarium is in the basement - the temp is a constant 65 degrees. Given that it's cool down there, how much food will he need (today he wolfed down 4 big crickets)? Should I set up a warming light set to go on for several hours a day (currently there is a huge 8' UV grow/florescent lamp that he is under).

Two frog species feared extinct found in Colombia

Submitted by frog on Tue, 2006-06-06 15:35. Habitats

This story can be found at Yahoo! News

By Alister Doyle, Environment Correspondent 1 hour, 22 minutes ago OSLO (Reuters) - Two frog species feared extinct have been rediscovered in Colombia, a boost for scientists battling to save rare amphibians threatened by a deadly disease. "These finds show there is still hope...a lot of these species were pretty much written off," Claude Gascon, a senior vice-president at Conservation International in Washington, told Reuters on Tuesday. Scientists have found the Santa Marta Harlequin frog and the San Lorenzo Harlequin frog, rated critically endangered after no sightings in 14 years, in a reserve in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta massif on Colombia's Caribbean coast. A fungal disease that smothers amphibians' skin is decimating dozens of species of brightly-colored frogs in Central and South America, adding to pressures such as pollution, climate change, deforestation and expanding cities.

Cope's Gray Tree Frog (Hyla chrysoscelis) and Common Gray Tree Frog (Hyla versicolor)

Submitted by frog on Fri, 2004-09-10 15:29. Gray Tree Frog | Tree Frogs | Frog Types

The two frogs named above are morphologically identical, and their habitats overlap, so they will be described together as they are in most reference material. They differ primarily by call and number of chromosomes. Since it is so difficult to tell them apart, they are generally called Gray Tree Frog.


The size of this frog ranges from 1.2-1.8 inches long in males and 1.6-2.2 inches long in females. The skin on the back is green or gray with large, dark blotches on the back. Due to changes in activity and environment, they may change colors even more to include brown, pearl-gray, or even almost white. There is usually a light, white spot below the eye. Their bellies are white, and the hidden skin behind the limbs is yellow or bright orange mottled with black. For a tree frog, the skin on their backs is quite warty, but these warts are not nearly as prominent as those on the average toad. These warts help them to camouflage especially well against the tree bark.