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The Most Intelligent Dogs

Dog's knack to learn and respond to the commands given to it and think contributes to the intelligence or smartness. Out of several breeds of dogs on this planet, there are few that are regarded as the most intelligent dogs. There are many merits in owning an intelligent breed of dog but one cannot deny about few disadvantages associated with them. So here is the list about some of the most intelligent dog breeds of the world. Is your dog one of them?
Border collie tops the list of most intelligent dog breeds and requires training in its early age. This dog is covered with beautiful black and white coat and is basically bred for herding sheep.
German shepherds are basically the guard dogs or police dogs and have remarkable intelligence that helps them to excel in the work they are appointed for. This breed of the most intelligent dogs also needs early training consistently.

Vizsla is a sporting breed of dog which is very intelligent and has beautiful red fur covering the body. This breed of quiet old and is very often seen in the dog shows.
Golden Retrievers are another popular intelligent breeds of dog that are also known by their attractive looks. These have a keen will to learn and love to be around children.

Labrador retriever is the breed of the intelligent dogs that is easy to train and has got a learning nerve. This dog is active and is very loyal towards its master. This dog serves as good seeing-eye dog, kindred pet and hunting dog.
Poodle is one of the smartest dogs that possesses high levels of the intelligence and are very easy to train. Though it is a small cute looking dog, in some countries it is also used as the police dog.