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10 Best Dog Foods

Dog food industry is growing with leaps and bounds in today's era. This industry is getting larger and more varied than ever before. Although endless options are available in the market to choose from in the market, the same gets very confusing too as to single out the best for your dog. However, the choice may vary in accordance with age, breed and dog's sensitivity to foods; but there are certain brands in the dog food industry which rule the market. Here is a list of top dog food brands which rule the market. Origen: it is probably the best dry dog food having mixture of meat, fruits and vegetables and quite healthy too. It is made up of fresh ingredients and for this reason considered as the premium choice of dog owners as well as experts. It is easily available and comes at a very affordable cost

Canidae: Though this dog food is a little expensive than others but it is a complete diet for your dog with whole ingredients and four major proteins and also contains amino acids. It is a sole food in itself.
Innova: being very low in price and a combination of three proteins, this dog food is preferred by most of the dog owners.
Merrick Dog food: it is free from all antibiotics and completely natural dog food available at a very reasonable price.

Nutro: this dog food is rich in Vitamin E and especially made for dogs having sensitive stomach.
Chicken soup for Pet Lover's soul: this is one of the very finest brands having a mix of chicken, turkey and other whole grain ingredients.
California natural dog food: this is an ideal food for hypersensitive dogs having skin allergies.
Wellness Dog food: it has no hormones and is completely natural and rich with right amount of proteins.
Wysong Maintenance: it is one of the best dry dog food preferred for dogs having meat allergies.
Dick van Patten natural balance dog food: it is made up of highest quality ingredients and very healthy for your dog.