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Train your dog to give a kiss

Dog performing a kiss is really adorable. Teaching your dog to give you a kiss is a real delight if you like dog kisses. Most of the docks are skilled in tricks like sitting and lying down but very few of them know sophisticated dog tricks. Move beyond that and learn more cool tricks like teaching your dog how to kiss.

Teaching your dog a kissing trick isn’t hard as you would be thinking. Put your face close to your dog’s mouth and tell him “Give me a kiss”. If your dog licks you, give him a small treat and commend him. But if your dog is looking for something prompting to lick your face, you can put a little bit of butter or any other tasty treat on your face and then ask your dog to kiss you. When he kisses you, give him a treat and dog cookie.

If you have children at your home, teach them to take permission before going to a strange dog for a kiss. There are dogs which get addicted to kisses. If you want to stop this, teach them another command “That’s enough” in a pleasant but serious tone.

Teaching the dog to kiss is the best with a stick of butter. Apply butter on someone’s back of hand and instruct the dog to give him a kiss on the butter-applied hands extended towards the dog. Say “kisses” while pointing to the hand. Very soon your dog will learn to give a kiss whether it’s better coated on not. You can hand signal by rubbing the right index finger on left hand’s back. Or in the simplest way, whenever your dog licks you say “Kiss me”. Putting butter or peanut are also going to help you in getting the dog’s kiss. After a while your dog will learn to respond to the “kiss me” command.