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Jennifer Aniston loves her dogs

Jennifer Aniston loves her dogsJennifer Aniston and her two dogs- Norman and Dolly very often catch journalist’s attention. Jennifer Aniston is so attached to her dog that while she is on movie sets, the crew members become crazy catering the dogs. The story is very true. Norman, Jen’s 15 year old dog is very important to her and she loves her dogs. Norman eats only organic “people food”, cannot be chained up and sits on the chair next to the director’s. Norman is a 15 year old Welsh corgi-terrier mix and Dolly is a 4 year old white German Shepherd. The best part of Norman and Jennifer is that both have same eye colour-light blue. Although both the dogs have entirely different personality but the actress sees herself in both of them.
Jennifer Aniston said- “Men come and go but there really is no relationship like the one you have with a dog- and then they don’t live as long as they should. You have to say goodbye way too soon. It’s just so sad. It makes me so sad. But their love is unconditional and I love that”. These lines from Jen express how much she loves her dogs and what they mean to her. After her Jennifer Aniston breakup with Brad Pitt, she counts on both of her dogs for unconditional and true love.

Jennifer compares her nature with her dear dogs, saying she is just like Dolly as her brains works faster than her body and both of them are klutzy too. For Norman, the actress says that he is very wise and nothing ruffles him but he’s little sceptical. The actress also says that dog’s love is the most unconditional form of love and they are always loyal and faithful. They are excited when you return home and they show the same excitement each time. Unconditional love from Norman and Dolly has definitely helped the actress to move through the worst of her times easily.

It is widely known that Jen is in love with her best friend Norm. And for Dolly, she admits she has always dreamt of a dog like Dolly- dog with lovely white fur. Jennifer Aniston loves her dogs and this is no surprise as everyone now knows this. The actress treats both her dogs Norman and Dolly like a king and a queen which they actually deserve. Jennifer Aniston has never spared resources for her dogs and she takes a very good care of their health.