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List of Smart Dog Breeds

Therefore, here is a list of smart dog breeds, according to the increasing smartness, from which one can choose a dog, most suitable to his likings:

8. Rottweiler: This courageous and extremely intelligent breed is having an unwarranted reputation of being fearful but on the contrary is a great family dog. It is also one of the best choice for a guard dog.

7. Labrador Retriever: The Labrador, is a family dog which loves to be around kids. One of the most popular breeds across the globe, it needs a lot of exercise because of its love for work.

6. Shetland Sheepdog: Known for having intelligence comparable to that of humans, this breed of dogs was originally used to herd sheep. They are suspicious of the strangers but love having human companions.

5. Doberman Pinscher: A ferocious and vicious looking dog, this is a fearless, extremely loyal and aggressive breed. It will protect its master come what may. An excellent choice as a guard dog.

4. Golden Retriever: This breed, quite popular among dog owners, has every quality that the master can wish for. Loyalty, affection, patience, obedience etc all are present in this particular breed.

3. German Shepherd: Large in size, this breed of dogs inherits a very strong instinct to protect its master. Their courage and intelligence coupled together makes them the first choice for a police dog.

2. Poodle: A surprise at number two, the poodle loves the company of humans. A sensitive and happy breed, they can learn tricks very easily.

1. Border collie: Happy only when it has job to do, this breed, if left alone for a day can be very destructive. Fit only for farms and ranches, it is a strict no for city life because of its thirst for adventure.