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Learn About Intelligent Dog Breeds

Defining intelligence for canines like dogs is quiet difficult as compared in the case of humans. Still if you ask what is meant by dog intelligence, the simple definition comes out to be the knack of a dog to think, learn and solve certain problems.

It can be categorized into three broad groups, namely, Adaptive Intelligence which is the problem solving and learning ability of the animal, Instinctive Intelligence and Obedience or Working Intelligence. The last one is dependent over the breed of the dog and rest two are specific to the individual dog. To name a few, breeds like Border Collies, Doberman Pinschers, German Shepherds, Rottweiler, Poodles, Shetland Sheepdogs, Labrador Retrievers, Australian Cattle Dog, Golden Retrievers and Papillions are regarded as some of the smarter or intelligent dog breeds specifically due to their obedient behavior.

More intelligent a dog is more will be the challenge of owning it. Best dog trainers, researchers and dog owners face great difficulties in judging the intelligence of the particular breed of dog which almost varies due to the genetic characteristics of the animal. As for example, training a Border Collie to quickly herd the sheep is easy but to train it to retrieve a game can be a tough job. There are different criteria used for the evaluation of the different types of intelligence of a dog out of which willingness and ability to learn, inherited abilities etc. Are few to mention.

For decades, dogs are regarded as man's best friends and because of the intelligent dog breeds, their utility for humans has greatly increased. So if you are planning to buy a dog for a purpose, go for the dog of intelligent breed and train it to perfection so can it can aid you in your work and obey you whenever needed.