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How Smart Are Dogs

For decades dogs have been considered as man's best friend. It is not only their loyalty but also their smartness which makes them different from other animals.

It has been almost fifteen thousand years since dogs were first domesticated and since then they are considered as best companions for human beings. Dogs prove to be of help in several fields. From hunting to herding, from military and police to bomb squads and from companionship to aiding the handicapped, dogs play a crucial role all these aspects.

The smartness possessed by dogs is rare in the animal kingdom. They are fast learners and can quickly learn to perform various tricks. For example, the American Eskimo dogs of the Spitz family used in circus and dog shows. They can also be trained to perform specific tasks like the shepherd dogs used to rear sheep. Dogs can understand the behavioural changes occurring in a person and act accordingly. For instance, if you are perturbed, then they sit beside you with their head drooping and if you are in a jolly mood they will express their joy by wagging their tails. They get attached to their masters and share a deep emotional relationship with them. Dogs can easily find their way back home if they get lost somewhere. It is a well known fact that if the master is in trouble then they will put their lives at stake to save him. Dogs can even sense the arrival of their master by using their excellent hearing and smelling abilities.

All these facts show how smart dogs really are. Their smartness cannot be matched by any other pet or domestic animal. By providing help for national security as well as safe and secure homes, dogs prove their smartness. Imagine what our world would be without dogs. Will it not be insecure and unsafe?