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Best Dog Food

Everyone who owns a dog wishes to feed his dog with the best dog food. A good and healthy food for the dog ensures a healthy life for your dog. Aspects like how puppies grow, their behavior, well-being, appearance, etc depend greatly on the nutrition provided to them. With so many types and brands of dog food available in the market one is bound to get confused and be unable to decide what to purchase for their dog.

Experts are of different views on best dog food. Some say complete food which includes cooked and raw food is best and others believe that canned food that is available in the market is best for dogs. A wholesome diet is required for a dog to have healthy skin and a nice coat, well developed and stronger bones, bright eyes, long life, healthy teeth and gums, lesser problems related to digestion, and fill the dog with energy and vigor. All this in turn ensure you fewer trips to the vet. A poor and unhealthy diet can cause various problems and diseases in dogs like cancers, weak immunity, diarrhea, liver problems, weak bones, problems related to heart and kidney. Basically there are three types of food which can be fed to the dogs: commercial food, raw food and home cooked food. Commercial food includes the packaged dog food which is available as dry, semi-dry or liquid and is manufactured by many brands. Raw dog food includes food that is fed to the dogs in the raw form only like raw meat and bones.

Homemade dog food is any food that one cooks at home for self-consumption.
The best dog food is the food which is free from harmful preservatives, pesticides, chemicals, etc. So if you are a dog owner and you care a lot for your pet then you have to find the best dog food for it.